Two new benefits

Adding to AA TECH's comprehensive offering

A top employer in Central / Western NY, AA TECH offers benefits that can drive your career forward

Advanced Atomization Technologies (AA TECH) has added two significant new benefits to its comprehensive package, making a position with AA TECH one of the best job opportunities in the Syracuse / Rochester region.

Student Loan Repayment

Student debt repayment assistance

For qualified employees, AA TECH will contribute payments of up to $200 per month toward existing loan debt for continued education from a recognized learning institution for a two-year, four-year, or master’s degree.

Payments are sent directly to loan servicers, so getting educational loans paid down more quickly is easy.

New York State registered apprentice programs

AA TECH helps you earn and learn the skills you need for a lifetime of opportunity. Sponsored by New York State’s Departments of Labor and Education, there are five specific trade tracks available that can result in participants acquiring valuable journeyman certifications.

Participants begin as apprentices, enjoy on-the job training, receive continuing-education coursework, and can take advantage of up to $750 toward the purchase of personal tools.

Apprentice Program